International customers

In addition to the cost of the service, the quotation will include a USD $25.00 charge in an item identified as "Complementary cost for foreign customers." This charge is applied to offset additional costs involved in importation procedures and bank commissions. Upon your acceptance of the quotation and service schedule (“programación”), we invite you to send the following information about your equipment to our Department of Industrial Services:

  • Brand name, model and serial number
  • Declared value (for insurance purposes)
  • Handling instructions
  • Name of company transporting the equipment

This information may be sent by e-mail or fax +(52-442) 211-0528.

Shipping recommendations

  • The client will bear all costs, risks, taxes and other charges derived from the shipment of the equipment until its arrival at CENAM, as well as those related to its return to its country of origin. 
  • Before sending the instrument to CENAM, the client must arrange with her custom agent its temporary importation into Mexico. If the equipment is brought into the country in person, the client has the exclusive responsibility of processing its temporary importation at its first port of entry. 
  • If the client chooses to contract a shipping company to send the equipment directly to CENAM, she should make sure that the company handles temporary importation shipments. For example, DHL does not but DHL GLOBAL does. Other examples of companies that tare capable of processing temporary importation shipments are BAX GLOBAL and ABX LOGISTICS, among several others. 
  • The temporary importation service must be requested with a BA code if the equipment will not be modified or with a BM code is the equipment will be modified. 
  • All shipments should be made using INCOTERM: DDP, meaning all shipping and taxes paid up to CENAM facilities. 
  • At the end of the service, instruments should be exported using code H1 if no modifications have been made, or I1, if it has been modified. 
  • The calibration certificate will only be sent after a copy of the export documents (“pedimento”) are received in CENAM. 
  • If the equipment comes in a wooden crate, it must be sprayed for pests and germs according to Mexican standard NOM 144 SEMARNAT 2004, available on line at 
  • Clients who need references about Mexican customs agents may find a list in the web site of the Confederation of Associations of Mexican Customs Agents

The equipment should enter the country only through the following entry points:

Mexico City International Airport
Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México: Av. 602 No. 161, Col. San Juan de Aragón, C.P. 15620, México D.F.

Toluca International Airport
Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Toluca: Av. Boulevard Miguel Alemán, Col. San Pedro Totoltepec, C.P. 50200, Toluca Edo. De México.

Further information may be obtained from:
LAN Blanca Rodríguez
International Traffic Coordinator
Telephone: +52 (442) 211 05 84
Fax: +52 (442) 211 05 97

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