We are delighted that México was chosen as the venue for the October 2011 meeting of the CCQM BioAanalysis Working Group meeting 20 (BAWG 20). It is our pleasure to welcome you to Queretaro for the event, combined with a Bioscience Symposium, from 3 to 6 October 2011, so that this event could show state of the art of biometrology to local experts and exchange ideas, as well.

Currently we are collaborating with a three-year project to establish the national infrastructure for GMO detection; developing CRMs for ten years, in the clinical field and seventeen years in chemistry in general. Hosting the 20th BAWG meeting in México is therefore meaningful and timely for the development of our national metrology infrastructure.

Santiago de Querétaro City is the capital of the State of Querétaro, located 220 km to the north of México City by the federal highway 57D in México. Santiago de Querétaro was founded in 1531, after bloody battles between native Indian and Spanish conquerors. Under the protection of the Apostle Santiago, who appeared in the skies in order to seal with his image the cultural mixture of which became the third colonial city of the XVIII century.

The meeting, after the Symposium on 3 October in CENAM, will take place at Mirabel Hotel located to a walking distance from the historic downtown, which offers the visitor over 460 years of history and tradition through its aqueduct, temples, mansions and palaces that make of this city one of the most beautiful colonial spots, and recognized as human heritage by UNESCO.

We look forward to meeting you in México!

Dr. Hector Nava Jaimes
General Director