Título: A broadband technique to characterize materials and microwave substrates for the 100 MHz – 26.5 GHz frequency range.
Resumen: Study and knowledge of electromagnetic properties of materials, as well as the techniques to achieve this, can provide useful information about internal structure of materials. They are necessary for a proper design of microwave devices used in communication systems such as microstrip lines and patch antennas. They also can conduct to more realistic evaluations about the adverse effects of the electromagnetic fields over human organs and tissues and they are necessary to improve medical treatments using RF and microwave energy, to mention some applications. In this respect, the two most important electrical parameters used to characterize nonmagnetic materials are the dielectric constant and the loss tangent. An open-end coaxial probe technique to characterize dielectric properties of materials for the microwave frequency range is described in this paper. Several materials, substrates and insulators like teflon PTFE, teflon Gore, and Rexolite, and liquids like water and alcohol, have been tested with this system.
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