Título: Design and Simulation of a 1 to 14 GHz Broadband Electromagnetic Compatibility DRGH Antenna.
Resumen: This work presents the design and simulation of a 1-14 GHz double ridged guide horn antenna (DRGH) with coaxial input feed section. This antenna, due to the large frequency bands required by standards, is suitable to be used in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. The horn-antenna model analyzed dates back to the early 1970s when J. L. Kerr suggested the use of a feed horn launcher whose dimensions where found experimentally. Although this type of horn has become the preferred test antenna of EMC testing for the 1-18 GHz range, which has been widely used for over four decades, no explanation of the effect of the launcher dimensions and the ridges shape into the flared section on the antenna parameters was found in the open literature. To investigate this phenomenon in detail, the entire horn has been modeled, including the coaxial feed using a time domain method. The simulations indicate that deficiencies in the radiation pattern start to appear at frequencies above 6 GHz and it starts to split at frequencies above 12 GHz. In spite those problems the designed antenna can work well up to 14 GHz.
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