About Cenam

Foto de la entrada del CENAM The National Metrology Center, CENAM, was created to support the national metrology system as a decentralized body, with legal personality and patrimony, according to Article 29 of the Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization, published in the Official Gazette on 1 July 1992 and its amendments, published on 20 May 1997.

CENAM is the national reference laboratory in the area of measurements.
It is responsible for establishing and maintaining national standards, provides metrological services such as calibration of instruments and standards, certification and development of reference materials, specialized courses in metrology, consulting and sale of publications. CENAM maintains a close relationship with other national laboratories and international organizations involved in metrology, in order to assure the international recognition of the national standards of Mexico and, as a result, promote the acceptance of the products and services of our country.

As a decentralized organization, the CENAM not exercise authority. The Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization and its Regulations establish the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy (former Ministry of Trade and Industry SECOFI) and other agencies such as the Federal Consumer Protection and the National Standardization Commission to implement the provisions established by law.

The CENAM Board of Directors includes representatives from the Secretary of Economy, the undersecretaries whose duties are related to our functions from the Ministries of Finance, Energy, Education, Communications and Transport, a representative of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, a representative of the National Polytechnic Institute, the Director General of the National Council for Science and Technology, one representative each from the National Confederation of Industrial Chambers, the National Chamber of Manufacturing Industries, the National Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and the Director General of Standards of the Ministry of Economy.


To support the various sectors of society in meeting their present and future metrological needs, establishing national standards of measurement, developing reference materials and disseminating its accuracy through technology services of the highest quality, to increase the competitiveness of the country, contribute to sustainable development and improve the quality of life of the people in Mexico.

CENAM Areas (in spanish) Certificate of Environmental Compliance
(Our commitment to the environment.)

Certificado de cumplimiento ambiental   The National Metrology Center is committed to preventing water, air and soil pollution, by complying with the applicable environmental legislation, working on the principle of continuous improvement of our environmental management system, where environmental management of hazardous and non hazardous solid waste are considered essential.
Under the provisions of Article 38bis, fracc IV of the General Law of Ecological Equilibrium and Environmental Protection, the Federal Attorney General for Environmental Protection has awarded CENAM the certificate of environmental compliance for having fulfilled its commitments arising from the environmental audit.

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