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On the occasion of World Metrology Day, on May 20, 2011, CENAM organized an "Open Day".

The World Metrology Day (WMD) was instituted by the International Committee of Weights and Measures (BIPM) to make people reflect about the importance of metrology. It is celebrated every May 20th in commemoration of the signing of the International Convention of the Metre (Convention du Mètre) in 1875. The BIPM acts in matters of world metrology, particularly concerning the demand for measurement standards of ever increasing accuracy, range and diversity, and the need to demonstrate equivalence between national measurement standards. Each year, the National Metrology Institutes in every country celebrate this important date with many activities.
This time the theme of the celebration has been directed towards chemical measurements with the slogan "Chemical measurements for our lives, our future" which remains closely linked to the International Year of Chemistry 2011 to celebrate the achievements and contributions of chemistry for the benefit of mankind. 

On the Open Day, once again CENAM opened its doors to the public interest to be familiar with the scientific and technological activities in metrology. A program for the visitors was prepared by guided visits to laboratories, the interactive room, and conferences. The event was publicized through various media such as local radio and television, newspaper, by the National Counselor of Science and Technology CONCYTEQ, and by the institutional home page
Based on the theme of the celebration, specialists of various fields arranged a series of lectures within their facilities, to show various activities in the fields of measurement. The visit was scheduled in four thematic:  
  • Health and Safety (HS)
  • Materials and Manufacturing (MM)
  • Energy and Environmental (EE)
  • Commerce (Co).
The visits were distributed under thematic tours in groups of three laboratories in turn having three shifts throughout the day. Twenty-five participating laboratories were distributed as follows.
Laboratory Group   Laboratry Group
National Standard of Mass  SS   Atomic Emission Spectrometry  EA-2
Optical Characterization of Materials   SS   Atomic Mass Spectrometry EA-2
Optical Dosimetry  SS   Coulometer Degree EA-2
Glass manufacturing   MM-1   Oil Flow   EA-2
Magnetic Patterns   MM-1   Moisture in Gases and Solids   EA-3
Stabilized Lasers  MM-1   Contact thermometry   EA-3
Microanalysis   MM-2   Radiation Thermometry   EA-3
FTIR and Raman spectrometry   MM-2   Thermal Conductivity   EA-3
X-ray fluorescence   MM-2   Small Masses   Co
Scanning electron microscopy   MM-2   Solid and liquid density  Co
Gas Analysis   EA-1   Timescales   Co
Photometry   EA-1   Ultra Cold Atoms   Co
Anechoic Chamber   EA-1    
        laboratorio laboratorio
laboratorio laboratorio laboratorio

After the tour to the laboratories in turn, the visitors were invited to assist by choosing one of the following simultaneous conferences.
Conference Speaker
What is metrology in chemistry?   Juan Antonio Guardado  
The microscopic universe that surrounds us   José Antonio Salas Téllez  
Metrology in inorganic chemistry working for water quality   Francisco Segoviano Regalado, José Luis Ortíz Aparicio  
Organisms Genetically Modified in Corn  Mauricio Maldonado Torres 
Quality of the air and its relationship to the Metrology   Jorge Koelliker Delgado  
Food safety   Esther Castro Galván 
Food Quality  Laura Regalado Contreras  

As part not programmed in the tours, the public had the opportunity to visit places of interest like the Major flows laboratory, the Newton´s tree, guidance to the MESURA program, exhibition of publications in the library and the Institutional video. 

In addition to this, the visitors were able to take out printed information about CENAM services as training, consulting, calibration, verification, reference materials and publications.
material There were approximately seven hundred and fifty people registered giving an almost total quota in our capacity scheduled. The limited capacity of laboratories was not an obstacle to allow the audience to know these facilities. It has to be noted at all times CENAM staff enthusiasm was crucial to the success of this event.  guías expositores
personal guias
guías guías Among the visitors we can mention the presence of most education institutions such as universities, technological Institutes, high schools, and private companies like medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, calibration, verification, adjustment of measuring equipment, optical equipment, assembly and automotive parts. Visitors can include the following.
  • Universities
    • UAM Iztapalapa, Ingeniería Eléctrica
    • Universidad del Valle de México
    • Universidad Politécnica de Amozoc, Puebla
    • Universidad Tecnológica De San Juan del Rio UTSJR
    • ITESM campus Querétaro
    • Universidad Veracruzana
    • UAQ - Facultad de Química
    • UNAM - FES Aragón
    • o IPN Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica, Zacatenco
  • Technological institutes
    • Instituto Tecnológico de San Luis Potosí
    • Colegio de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos del Estado de Hidalgo
    • CIIDIR -IPN Unidad Durango
    • Centro de Educación Superior Tecnológica CESTEC Cadereyta
    • Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria en Ingeniería y Tecnología
    • CECYT 7 Cuauhtémoc IPN
    • Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Jocotitlán
    • Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Ixtapaluca
    • Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Tamazula de Gordiano Jalisco
  • Technological colleges and high Schools
    • CONALEP San Juan del Río
    • CONALEP Querétaro
    • COBAC No. 13
    • Instituto Hispano Mexicano (Bachillerato)
    • Colegio Educacion y Patria
    • Colegio Montessori San Isidro
  • Private companies
    • Atrya Lab
    • Abreco
    • Internacional Farmacéutica
    • Industrias KI
    • Carl Zeiss de México
    • Cleveland Die Technologies
    • Viscofan
    • Telecomunicaciones
    • Sayer Lack
    • Laboratorios Russek
    • Lambda Científica
    • Medipro Internacional
    • Mundologic
    • Navistar
    • LabMet
In addition, outside the facilities some people from CENAM had the opportunity to celebrate by means of the following conferences:
Conference Speakers Place
The updating of the definitions of the SI units of measurement Rubén J. Lazos Martínez y Mauricio López 2nd Symposium on Metrology in Peru. National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property Protection (INDECOPI), Peru  
How the International Day of metrology was in CENAM  Adrian Reyes del Valle   Organization meeting for the Conformity Assessment, Metrology Laboratory of the Superintendence of Industry and Trade, Colombia
The quality management systems to provide reliable calibration services  Rubén J. Lazos Martínez 2nd Symposium on Metrology in Peru. National Institute for the Defense of Competition and Intellectual Property Protection (INDECOPI), Peru
Primary Systems Gas Flow in Mexico Juan Carlos Gervacio Sánchez  School of Physics and Mathematics, IPN, Mexico DF  
The successful result of the event was to have shown the general public about our contribution to knowledge, technological development, and importance of metrology in the various applications and the staff satisfaction for having done this.

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