IUPAC Workshop on Safety of Engineered Nanomaterials.

28 – 29 September 2017, CENAM, Queretaro, Mexico


Queretaro State is located in the center of Mexico around 300 km from Mexico City. Santiago de Queretaro is the capital of Queretaro and there, the Mexican Independence started in 1910. The colonial center and the aqueduct are the main touristic attractions. Actually the economical development can be seen around the city through modern buildings and avenues.

VisitMexico: http://beta.visitmexico.com/en/main-destinations/queretaro/queretaro


There are different options and rates for hotels in Queretaro City. Some hotels that we can recommend for attendees are in or close to downtown Queretaro. It´s important to point out that it´s recommended staying in or near the downtown area, to facilitate the transportation to CENAM logistics. Of course, people can choose any hotel if they take into consideration that the meeting point for transportation will be in a place near the downtown area.

Hotel options

The price could change because depends on the exchange rate between the Mexican peso and the US dollar. Please contact the hotel web page to be sure about the rates per night.
CENAM is not responsible for the quality of services and it has not any commercial agreement with the hotels listed.

Name US$ per night Observations
Hotel Mirage 60-80 Around 10 blocks to Queretaro centre.
Mirabel 60-80 Queretaro Centre, walking to historic places.
Doña Urraca 120-150 Queretaro centre. Luxury hotel.
Hotel Meson de Santa Rosa 120-160 Queretaro centre. Luxury hotel.
Domun Hotel 80-100 In front of the Highway Mexico-Queretaro. Around 10 min to Queretaro centre by taxi. Business hotel.
One Centro Sur 80-100 Close to the Bus Station. Around 15 min to Queretaro centre by taxi. Business hotel.